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<aside> 💡 I am a proactive and highly motivated undergraduate HCI researcher, studying and doing research at KAIST, School of Computing. I’m currently working with Prof.Hwajung Hong & Prof. Janghee Cho, and had been advised by Prof.Juho Kim. My research interest particularly lies at the intersection of HCI, Wellbeing and Mental Health, Community/Social Dynamics, and Human-(AI, Data) Interaction. I am also a life logging GEEK! I'm excited to be participating in an exchange program at Georgia Tech CS 🇺🇸 this upcoming fall.



Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) | Mar 2019 - Aug 2024(Expected)

B.S. in Computer Science, Advisor : Prof.Alice Oh

Research Interests

HCI | Wellbeing | Mental Health | Community/Social Dynamics | Human-(AI, Data) Interaction

Research Experience

Beyond Quantifiable Achievements: An Empirical Study of Value Based Goal Setting and Reflection

(Nov 2022 - Present) advised by **Prof. Hwajung Hong* & Prof. Janghee Cho*

Learnersourcing Modular and Dynamic Multiple Choice Questions

(June 2021 - Sep 2022) advised by Prof. Juho Kim

Technical Skills

I can …

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Programming Language Framework, Library Database Etc
C(3), Python(4), Java(3), Kotlin(2), Javascript(4), Typescript(3), HTML/CSS(3), Latex(2), Markdown(3), Scala(1) React.js(4), Vue.js(4), Flutter(2), Node.js(4), Redux(3), Pandas(3), Pytorch(3), Plotly(3), Tensorflow(2), NLTK(3) MongoDB(4), MySQL(2), Firebase(3) Figma(3), Git(4), Google Spreadsheet(4), Google Analytics(2), AWS(3), Nginx(2)

Work Experience

Software Developer of SPARCS Ara Team

SPARCS – Student Organization building and maintaining official IT services for KAIST

Designed and implemented the School ↔ Students interaction online community system Over 400 visitors per day (https://ara.kaist.ac.kr)

Work Offer

I got work offer from the following companies.

White Cube Challengers (Series A)

Mission : Empower Individuals in Self Development by Building Healthy Habits

Specific Offered Skills : ReactNative.js


Ringle (Series A)

Mission : Make Language Learning More Affordable and Motivating

Specific Offered Skills : HCI research skills, Web Development, NLP

Specific Work Offer : Contribute in designing and building system so that NLP based language learning feedback(Complexity, Accuracy, Fluency) is delivered to the end users more efficiently/effectively, provoking behavior change in language learning.


Scholarships & Awards

Lim Mi-Sook Scholarship (2022)

KAIST Undergraduate Research Grant (2023)

<Improving Respond to Life Uncertainty with the Use of Quantified Self>

Grand Prize, World Friends Korea ICT Volunteer as Outstanding Team (2020)

Superior Leadership Award, KAIST (2020)

Top 3% student in first half of 2020

Best Freshmen Award, KAIST (2019)

Awarded Travel Scholarship to China

National Excellence Scholarship (Natural Sciences and Engineering) (Mar.2019 - Feb.2023)

Government funding for admission fees, the full amount of school support fees in the undergraduate program

Hanseong Nobel Scholarship (2018)

5 million KRW


Academic Services

ACM CSCW 2023 Student Volunteer (planned)

ACM FAccT 2022 Communication Committee in person (under Prof. Alice Oh)

Rising Stars of KAIST Workshop Student Steering Committee, Sponsored by Google (2022)

Outreach and Leadership

Student President of KAIST, School of Computing (2021)

Vice President of Public Relations of Daedeok Toastmasters Club (Feb. 2023 - )

Korea Childhood Cancer Center Mentoring – Taught Basic Physics (2021)

Leeds-KAIST Leadership Program, Alumni of Common Purpose (2021)

Missing Semester @KAIST Committee (2021)

Talks & Media Coverage

Authoring Algorithm for Personal Daily Score” (Oct. 2022)

KAIST, Human of CS : Link to Interview (May. 2023)

KAIST Times : My Quantified Self Story (Mar. 2023)

KAIST 100yr Vision (Aug. 2021)

KAIST Vision Quarterly: KAIST Vision Interview(p20) (Mar. 2021)

Daehak Journal Webzine: Link to Interview (Oct. 2019)

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant

CS496 Immerse Coding, Instructor: Prof. Sukyoung Ryu


Hanseong Nobel Scholarship Mentor (2020)

More About Me

📜 Proactively explore, compose methods and tools to quantify my life. A quantified self GEEK.

💭 Not a domain expert, but have huge interest in psychology, pedagogy, and cognitive science.

🎹 Love playing the piano (classic, popular music, new and passionate to jazz)! Have experiences of staying up all night playing the piano.

🤔 Have curiosity about soo many things around the world. Like to actively find, think, discover about what I’m curious about.